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  • We Have the Yellow Fever Vaccine and other travel vaccines onsite such as: Hepatitis A&B, Dukoral, HPV (Gardasil), Japanese Encephalitis, Meningitis, MMR, Polio, Prevnar 13, Rabies, Tetanus, Diptheria, Zostavax (Shingles)
  • Same day appointments may be available.


Guyana is a country perfect for nature-lovers. With expansive tropical rainforests, mountain ranges and impressive waterfalls it is a must for many travellers.

Those taking the leap to explore Guyana can be rewarded with incredible sights and photo-opportunities. It is a truly memorable experiences.

Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Guyana

Hepatitis A Food & Water Recommended for most travellers
Hepatitis B Blood & Body Fluids Accelerated schedule available
Typhoid Food & Water Recommended for travellers to most regions.
Yellow Fever Mosquito Required if travelling from a region with yellow fever. Recommended for all travellers over 9 months of age.
Rabies Saliva of Infected Animals High risk country. Vaccine recommended for long-term travellers and those who may come in contact with animals.

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